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Here are samples of music recorded by Beyhan and her talented friends:

Somebody To Love (written by Darby Slick)

by The Great Society, Copyright © 1966 by Autumn Records

and The Jefferson Airplane, Copyright © 1967 by RCA Victor

All Rights Reserved

It's Too Late (sound byte) by Carole King

Copyright © 1971 by Ode Records, All Rights Reserved

Something To Talk About by Bonnie Raitt (written by Shirley Elkhard)

Copyright © 1985 by Blackwood Music, Inc. and Canvee Music, All Rights Reserved

Diamonds And Rust by Joan Baez

Copyright © 1975 by A&M Records, All Rights Reserved

Passionate Kisses by Lucinda Williams

Copyright © 1988 by :Lucinda Williams, All Rights Reserved

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