Music by Beyhan

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Beyhan delivers passionate and soulful interpretations of Rock, Blues, and Jazz favorites with a full, rich voice and easy style.  Accompanied by talented musicians on guitar, harmonica, and percussion, the group delivers favorite hits with a minimalist feel and fresh attitude.  These are songs you forgot how much you loved—including classics by Sheryl Crow, the Supremes, Bonnie Raitt, Ella Fitzgerald, Sting, and Sade.  So sit back and enjoy—or get up and dance to—tunes that will tug at your heart strings and take you back to a time when music didn't suck.

Looking for something extra for a special event?  Watch this video (below).  Then check out our set lists, tunes, and videos.  Drop me an email at and reserve a date!  We look forward to hearing from you—and playing for you!

In case you're not fluent in Turkish and wondering how to pronounce my first name—it is "BAY" (as in Chesapeake Bay) "HUN" (as in Attila The Hun)—Beyhan!